Wednesday, September 28, 2022

It's A J-Sin

One of my favorite channels on YouTube which has lots of matches featuring beefcake wrestlers from the 1990s-mid2000s is OldSchoolBrawlers. A couple of days ago, a tag team match with Romeo and J-Sin (mistakenly identified as Justin) was posted and I think this may be the first time I've heard of the two wrestlers. J-Sin figures more prominently in the match probably because as the boy-next-door type, the promoters figured he'd get more sympathy from the fans (Romeo hardly gets any time in the ring; maybe because he's the tougher one?). I really don't know anything about J-Sin or Romeo and even a Google search didn't turn up much. Watch the action here. Here's another J-Sin match out of Georgia; in the Comments section, someone said J-Sin's real name is Jason Daniels; the Jason Daniels I searched for doesn't seem to be the same guy although I could be wrong. Also, there's a more current wrestler going by J-Sin these days and is very different from the J-Sin posted here.

Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Mini-Post: Damian Fenrir (Selfies Edition)


Hunks In Trunks

Flex McCallion (fka David Flex)


Aaron Achilles Rammy

Dave Stage

Koju Takeda
Jason Carrion


Adam Maxted (fka Flex)

Monday, September 26, 2022

Mini-Post: Thomas Latimer (fka Brandon T)


Muscle Monday: Jameson Ryan

Longtime readers of this blog may remember a time when I had a weekly feature called Muscle Monday. The reason I discontinued it is because any day, not just Mondays, is a good day for some muscled beefcake. Here's American independent wrestler Jameson Ryan putting the muscle in Muscle Monday.

Sunday, September 25, 2022

Caption This!


Ashton Vuitton

Flashback: Chad Collyer

Chad Collyer made his professional debut in 1997 and throughout his in-ring career, the former amateur champion held the heavyweight title at one time for Cleveland All Pro Wrestling, Heartland Wrestling Association, NWA Indiana, and Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW). Collyer officially retired from pro wrestling in 2012, but made a brief comeback for three months in 2015. Now 47 years old, Collyer works as a...wait for it...magician/illusionist/mentalist. Here's a link to his YouTube Channel: Chad Collyer.

Collyer also wrestled for Cyberfights.

Collyer is now a magician/illusionist/mentalist.