Friday, February 26, 2021

Jersey Boy: Cousin Tony

Readers have brought my attention to American independent wrestler Tony Vincita, the cousin of Steve Gibki who was first featured here a couple of days ago. Vincita and Gibki comprise the tag team of Jersey Muscle Society and can currently be seen in All Elite Wrestling (AEW). Vincita has been wrestling since 2013; back in 2014, he and Cousin Steve even held the Jersey Championship Wresling (JCW) tag team title. Watch the cousins battle each other in this street fight from 2018 and in one of several matches wherein they competed against each other here. The cousins also have their own YouTube channel with a variety of content that includes matches, workout tips, and sketches. 

With cousin and tag team partner Steve Gibki

When he wrestled as Tony Scorese.

With Steve Gibki circa 2018

Circa 2016

Thursday, February 25, 2021

Gold Standard

As a content creator with a blog dedicated to pro wrestling beefcakes, I get dozens of emails from so-called underground wrestling companies promoting their newest releases. Some of the more aggressive ones are Wrestler For Hire, Rock Hard Wrestling, and 88 Wrestling, to name a few. Very recently, I opened one of these emails and was surprised to see a familiar face appearing in a video for Thunder's Arena...American independent wrestler Dusty Gold. He goes by the name Arkansas in Thunder's Arena and he currently has five matches in his catalogue. You can check them out by clicking here

Gold's All Elite Wrestling (AEW) promo pic.

Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Body Shots: On The Ropes


Yuki Ueno

Dezmond Xavier 

El Guerrero Maya 

DJay Sonic


James Drake
Jason Page

Angel Garza (fka Humberto Garza)

Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Jersey Boy

How did I sleep on American independent wrestler Steve Gibki all these years? I feel like I owe him a "Rewind" post featuring pics from his early days in pro wrestling. He has ten years of in-ring experienced and I'm only discovering him now??? Anyway, if you'd like to know more about him, click on his profile page on Watch his match against Colossal Mike Law in this Catalyst Wrestling match uploaded to YouTube last December. A slightly older match between Gibki and Anthony Bowens can be viewed here.

Monday, February 22, 2021

Man of Steel

Heres' American independent wrestler Mike "The Man of Steel" Verna (formerly known as Mike Taverna). Watch Verna take on Ricky Starks in this recent AEW match.

With Richard Halliday, Brian Pillman Jr. and an
unidentified wrestler

Sunday, February 21, 2021

Caption This!


Adam Cole vs Kyle O'Reilly

Saturday, February 20, 2021

Cole Karter Does UPW

One of this blog's readers left a comment on the recent Cole Karter post saying that the 20 year old independent wrestler has a video match on Underground Championship Wrestling (UCW). I hadn't heard of UCW before so naturally, I had to check it out. Karter goes by Cole Dallas there and UCW seem pretty excited about this up-and-coming wrestler's addition to their roster. They've made him the profile pic on their Facebook account and have also featured him on their Instagram. Here's a link to the UCW listing: Cole Dallas vs Lobo Gris. All images below are from the UCW website, Instagram account and Facebook pages.