Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Hardbody Marko

 Here's Canadian wrestler Marko Estrada whom you may also recognize as Mark O in Wrestler4Hire.


  1. Dayam. Maybe I need to start watching private wrestling again

    1. It's so hit and miss. The guys who know how to wrestle don't get erotic. And the guys who get erotic don't know how to wrestle.

    2. I think I more or less agree though in general I find the slower pacing of private matches just less believable especially some of the more erotic holds that you wouldn't see in pro wrestling

      I personally love mixing in sex too but I know that's not for everyone

    3. Lots of Marko Estrada pro-wrestling matches on Youtube; the vids go back YEARS to when he was skinny and looked like a teenager. Maybe he was. Anon.