Saturday, May 15, 2021

Rewind: Scott Hall

Before he was Razor Ramon, Scott Hall was a wrestler on the roster of several promotions from 1984 to 1991: the National Wrestling Association, the American Wrestling Association, World Championship Wrestling, New Japan Pro Wrestling, Catch Wrestling Association, and World Wrestling Council. It wasn't until World Wrestling Entertainment (World Wrestling Federation buck then) turned him into a cartoon character in 1992 that Hall's career really took off. I wonder if he would have still been as big had he continued to wrestle as Scott Hall. Read about his in-ring career here.


  1. I do remember Scott Hall, especially the matches he did with Kurt Hennig for AWA (I hope that's the right venue). He was so sexy before he became Razor Ramon. I made a point of watching all his matches on the ESPN wrestling shows.

    1. "Big" Scott Hall is well-represented on Youtube. Hot. Boyscout. He was a standout in pro wrestling at the time, esp. for his muscularity---not a musclebound bodybuilder, and not a jobber---and with some hair on his chest. Glad he did well, although in some of his later appearances, mostly post-WWE, he seemed kinda creepy, I suspect more true to his actual life/personality. Unfortunately, his son, Cody Hall, is not as handsome. Anon.

    2. Yeah his Razor Ramon look really oozed so much sex and his body was just so hot you could not stop wanting it. Definitely the object of my fantasies at an impressionable age