Thursday, November 26, 2015

Body Shots : Making An Entrance

Which pic is your favorite?
Anthony Nese


Joey Ryan


Vic Capri


Ryan Chaump

Eddie Ryan

Rafi Rex


Hugo Knox

Five Years Ago This Month : Beefcakes In Action

Here are my picks for the best action photos posted on this blog back in November 2010.
Brandon T (now known as TNT's Bram)

Rob Eckos (standing, now known as TNT's Robbie E)

Mason Ryan

Sylvain Grenier (foreground)

Daniel Rodimer (right)

Strongman Jon Andersen

Chasyn Rance (left)

Sexy Peter White

Romeo Roselli (standing)

Shawn Spears (right)

Chad Collier vs Matt Stryker

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Ty-ed Up, Knox-ed Out

Here's a batch of awesome photos taken by longtime contributor and good friend of this blog David featuring WWE NXT's Superstars-in-the-making Hugo Knox and Ty Dillinger. In this recent match, David says Dillinger (formerly known as Shawn Spears) made the switch and played heel for a change. Thanks for the pics, David. Keep 'em coming!

Monday, November 23, 2015

Muscle Monday : Seth Rollins

How does WWE Superstar Seth Rollins (formerly Tyler Black) stay strong and in shape? He does CrossFit. Watch him talk about his fitness routine here.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Beefcake From Down Under : Rocky Menero

Thank you, Australia, for bringing us such Beefcakes of Wrestling as Shane Haste, Mike Petersen, and Eliot Sexton, to name a few. Here's another Aussie wrestler I haven't featured in a while, Rocky Menero. I thought Menero had "retired" from wrestling a couple of years ago to try out other career options like hosting events (watch him in this 2013 video from Party O Entertainment). I was wrong; apparently, he's still very busy wrestling. If you're a fan, you can follow him on Twitter.