Wednesday, October 31, 2012

More Men In Masks

Here are more masked luchadores from Mexico. Any of these would make fantastic Halloween costumes, don't you think?

The flames are a nice touch.

And no Beefcakes post on masked men would be complete without some images of El Elegido. Click on his name in the label below to see older posts on him.

Men In Masks

Happy Halloween, readers! I came across these images of legendary Mexican luchador Santo's comic books on a lucha website. Pretty camp, eh? But if someone ever produces a movie or TV show where the hero is dressed like this, you can bet I'm going to watch it.

They seem to love whipping Santo.

Here's another Mexican luchador in a mask, albeit a more current one. He goes by the name Olympico and from what I can tell, he's what they call a rudo (translation : heel).  The 5 ft. 11, 200 pound "Olympian"made his debut in Mexico in 1992. For years he wrestled with his face covered until he was unmasked in 2010.

Olympico unmasked.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Baby, It's Cole Outside

American wrestler Adam Cole (5 ft. 11 in., 190 pounds) recently traveled to the UK and was one of the participants in Fight Club Pro's Project Mayhem show held on Oct. 27. The 23 year old Cole (real name Austin Jenkins) faced title-holder MK McKinnan and based on photos from the event, took the belt from his young opponent. (Photos by Tony Knox)

Monday, October 29, 2012

Vic Capri : Warlock Hunter

Just in time for Halloween comes this match between Vic Capri and Julian The Warlock. I couldn't find any other information for this showdown -- where and when it was held, for which federation, who won -- so any details from you readers out there would be much appreciated. (Note to Julian the Warlock: you may want to rethink your face paint. Or is getting it all over your opponent part of your strategy?)


Sunday, October 28, 2012


No, not E! Entertainment New Channel, but Robbie E (formerly Rob Eckos). Here he is with partner Nick Talent going up against the duo of Al Tooney and Chris Powers in a tag team match for National Professional Wrestling Superstars (NPWS). The bout took place on Oct. 12 in New Jersey. (Photos by Scott Finkelstein)

"Your winners..."