Friday, October 19, 2012

Striker Struck Down

Former wrestler turned announcer/commentator Matt Striker did something unusual last week. He agreed to face Kane in a WWE RAW televised "match." Really, Mr. Striker? You haven't wrestled in a while and when you decide to get back in the ring, you go up against Kane? If you haven't guessed by now, Striker lost. See for yourself (the video is here).

And here are some older pics of Striker. This is how I want to remember an arrogant but good-looking heel.


  1. Grr...I'd've WATCHED Raw if I'd've known Striker was going to be on!

    Still miss his old trunks though.

  2. P.S. Who WOULDN'T want to hug that little teddy bear?

  3. It was a pleasant surprise. I hope we see him wrestling more regularly ...and he finds his old skimpy trunks again!