Monday, October 22, 2012

Flex First, Pin Later

It's been weeks since I posted anything on Jessie Godderz. Here he is in a recent match for Ohio Valley Wrestling. (Photos by Pamela Stoddard)

And these pics Of Jessie pinning his opponents were sent to me via email by blog reader John. Thanks for sharing, John!


  1. Wow, he looks even bigger/stockier! Very hot, cheers

    ...also is that Ted McNaler in first few photos? He is looking good too.

  2. Totally agree with Dr. Fever... Jessie looks better than ever! Sooo hot!

  3. Met Jessie and he is a class act and doing what he always wanted to do. He deserves all the accolades, he is playing his part quite well. He is learning his craft and flaunting his talents that he is working to strive. I can wait for a full time Impact roster.