Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Who Are They?

One of this blog's readers sent me an email with the image below. He asked if I knew who these young British wrestlers are, but I'm not familiar with either of them. Would any one know their names? If so, please reply in the comments section below or send me an email at (The smaller one on the right looks like a bit like British actor Jude Law.)


  1. Did your reader give you any clue as to the source or dating of the image?
    Since they're dressed in identical trunks, I presume that they're a tag team. I tried an image search for British tag teams and didn't find anything even close.

  2. they are both gay gogo dancers in london! Not pro wrestlers.

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  4. I believe I recognize the guy on the left from the Chris Geary website:

    There's a section devoted to wrestling, but you'll probably have to search around to find these two guys in one of the galleries.

  5. Been looking at Chris Geary site but still nothing!

    Wrestlers or not, would love to know more about them and see more pics!

  6. Guy on the left is Stevie Davies, who was/is a model and dancer in the UK, frequently appearing on Chris Geary's website. He may have appeared in a "wrestling" video on the site, but he is not a pro wrestler.

  7. I think they no longer wrestle. Found this myspace which seems to be innactive:

    His youtube account no longer exist, but his twitter is still active, even though there arent any pics of him there, only other random wrestlers.

    Shame, id love to see him in action

    1. Thanks for the replies. If Steve Davies ever wants to turn pro, I think the fans would welcome him with open arms.

  8. How about his friend? What is his name?

    BTW, thanks!