Friday, October 30, 2015

Trick or Treat?

October 31 is a time for masks and costumes. Having said that, here are some Beefcake-y masked wrestlers who are a treat on Halloween.
El Hijo Del Fantasma


Diamante Azul (Blue Diamond)

Marius Al-Ani


White Tiger



Unidentified (originally posted here on Oct. 2010)

Five Years Ago This Month : Best Action Pics

Here are my Top 15 Beefcakes in Action pics from October 2010. It was hard whittling it down to just 15 and I hope you'll agree with my choices.
Mike Hutter aka Derrick Bateman

Mason Ryan

Jackson Andrews (right)

Mike Hutter aka Derrick Bateman (right)

The Miz vs John Morrisson

Chasyn Rance 

Wade Barrett

Vince Vantura (right)

Thursday, October 29, 2015


My friend Jim (formerly known as Jim from Chicago) emailed me a set of photos he took back in August of "The Premier Athlete" Anthony Nese in a match against Dirty Money. The match, held in Allentown, Pennsylvania, was for the title of Heavyweight Champion of the independent promotion Dangerous Adrenaline Wrestling Galdiators (DAWG). "Both wrestlers went the limit, " writes Jim, "however it was Dirty Money who came out on top to retain the championship." You can watch this match here. Thanks for the amazing pics, Jim!

Body Shots : The Belt

What's a  professional wrestler's ultimate accessory? Why, a championship belt, of course. Who wears theirs well?
Mike Verna

Ahtu Najeeb

A.J. Istria

Bazooka Joe

Sammy Smooth

Brandon Watts and Randy Summers


Rocky Menero

Roger Corpo and Darin Dinero

Chris "The Shark" Andrews

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Five Years Ago This Month: Tyler Black and Phil Shatter

Here are two beefcake wrestlers who were featured in this blog back in October 2010. First, Tyler Black whom you may recognize now as WWE Superstar Seth Rollins. Back then, Black/Rollins was an independent wrestler who also appeared in the now-defunct Cyberfights. Here are some of the pics of Black back then.

And here's Tyler aka Seth these days.

Another wrestler who was featured here is Phil Shatter who is perhaps better known by his TNA persona Gunner. Here's Shatter then...

And here's Shatter as TNA's Gunner.