Friday, October 30, 2015

Five Years Ago This Month : Best Action Pics

Here are my Top 15 Beefcakes in Action pics from October 2010. It was hard whittling it down to just 15 and I hope you'll agree with my choices.
Mike Hutter aka Derrick Bateman

Mason Ryan

Jackson Andrews (right)

Mike Hutter aka Derrick Bateman (right)

The Miz vs John Morrisson

Chasyn Rance 

Wade Barrett

Vince Vantura (right)


  1. Someone likes Derrick Bateman ;) (i agree those are hot pics and he's not even wearing trunks! wonder what that match is from).

    I'm curious who's the beefy headless torso in the pic after the 2nd Bateman pic. Looks like a big guy like Sid Vicious. My guess would be Goldberg but I feel Goldberg was maybe a bit leaner

  2. (wish I were the guy kissing Bateman's hot pecs in that second pic I mentioned)

  3. Of course Mike Hutter aka Derrick Bateman is now Ethan Carter III in the TNA. A gift that keeps on giving!

  4. Bateman has come a long way. ECIII is probably the best character now in TNA. He also looks sensational.

  5. Who's in the BCW pic? And the guy with the thigh tat in the Jackson Andrews one?