Monday, April 24, 2017

Muscle Monday : Brandon Locke

Although he may not look it, Brandon Locke is a competitive bodybuilder. Yes, I know. I too am guilty of thinking a bodybuilder has to be huge and thick like Brian Cage or Rob Terry. When he competes as a bodybuilder, Locke is very lean and ripped. He's not just a winner in the bodybuilding scene (he's got the trophies to prove it), he's also a winner in the wrestling ring. Although I don't know which promotion he currently wrestles for, a look at some of his career photos show he's won a few championship belts. Locke is based in the New England area and has been wrestling on and off since 2013. Watch him in this match from December 2016 here. Here's a match from 2013 that you may be interested to watch because it also features a staple of this blog, Mike Bennett.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Selfie Showdown : Godderz vs Hammerstone

Time for another Selfie Showdown. This time, the battle is between musclegods Jessie Godderz and Alexander Hammerstone. Who has the better batch of selfies and why? Tell us in the Comments section below. First up, Jessie "Mr. PECtacular" Godderz.

Now here's Alexander Hammerstone.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Body Shots : On The Ropes (Horizontal Edition)

Sexy Peter Whote

Adrian Severe

Sylvain Grenier

Matthew Palmer

Nate Devlin

Richard Holliday

Royce Isaacs

Ryan Reign

Sammy Guevara

Tyler Breeze

Tyler Nitro



Thursday, April 20, 2017

Brazilian Beefcake

WWE/NXT have another Brazilian beefcake in their roster (aside from Adrian Jaoude). Meet Cezar Bononi, the 6'6", 265 pound native of Sao Paolo who is also known as V8 (yes, V8, like the canned beverage made from vegetables). Like many other NXT wrestlers, Bononi worked in security for WWE events before joining the squad. You can read up on Bononi here. These pics come to us from longtime contributor and good friend of this blog David. Thanks for sharing these amazing pics of Bononi with us, David!

Also at the event were these two "security personnel"/potential wrestlers, but David and I haven't been able to identify them. Can anyone tell us who they are?

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Tyler Turns Twenty

Here's something I just learned today -- I share a birthday with English wrestler Tyler Bate (March 7).  Bate turned twenty years old last month. Only twenty and already a WWE United Kingdom Champion. Not only that, Bate is one of two wrestlers in WWE history to win a championship as a teenager (he was 19 at the time), the other being Rene Dupree. Bate is the youngest inaugural champion and the youngest single's champion in WWE history. This guy is going places!

With Moustache Mountain tag team partner Trent Seven