Thursday, May 31, 2012

Enter The Dragan

Here are more pics of Bosnian wrestler Dragan Okic. Dragan was first featured on this blog last month (Missed it? Click here). Watch Dragan cut a promo for the European federation NEW here.

Six Six Six

Here are some images from the 666th show of Ohio Valley Wrestling which was aired on May 26. You can watch the entire show here. (Photos by Pamela Barnett)

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Die Hard

Indie wrestler Oliver John is looking lean and mean here. Not only that, he's starting to look like film star Bruce Willis (see 2nd picture). These shots were taken on May 20 at The Chowchilla show.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Starr Treatment

This blog's readers have quite the eye for beefcake. Jeromme emailed me with news (and a link) about indie wrestler Dustin Starr winning the Men's Physique Medium Division and Overall Men's Physique category in the 2012 Hub City Fitness Quest held in Jackson, Tennessee 4 days ago. Congrats, Dustin! (Special thanks to Jeromme for sharing this with us.)

Ragin' Cage

Blog reader Steve emailed me a link to a site with these pics of indie wrestler Brian Cage. The show was called Chowchilla and took place on May 20. Look at how much bigger and how much more ripped and shredded Cage has gotten. As I told Steve, Cage is looking better than ever. Thanks for the link, Steve!