Friday, May 4, 2012

101 Videos

I just added video # 101 to the Favorites section of the Beefcakes of Wrestling channel on YouTube and it's a classic! It's a NYWC match between Tony Nese and fan favorite Braydon Knight (probably from 2011). Watch the action here.
Anthony Nese

Braydon Knight


  1. Love your videos! Braydon Knight might really stand out--if he wasn't wrestling Tony Nese!

  2. Love the 3rd pic. down...Knight working Nese in what appears to be a wrist lock. Crap, can Nese suffer Beautifully!

  3. Agree about the 3rd pic. Is the ref copping a feel of Nese's pec? Can't say I blame him...

  4. Both really hot guys.
    As with other comments, love pic 3 - the ref copping a feel of Nese and Kight is filling those trunks nicely!