Friday, May 4, 2012

More of Milad

When regular contributor Jim from Chicago emailed me this set of photos he took of hot new tag team Vic Capri and Milad Akkbar, he also included two more sets of photos. One of those sets features a wrestler who's new to Beefcakes of Wrestling (more on him very soon) and the set you see below featuring The Persian Powerhouse Milad Akkbar. These awesome photos Jim took are from a show called St. Patrick's Day Massacre which was held in Fox Lake, Illinois last March 17. Milad defeated his opponent Brawn The Lumberjack with help from his manager Chazz Moretti. Thanks for the pics, Jim!

Milad's Pre-Match Get-up


  1. That last pic shows how ya do the "Evil Arab" gimmick right! Sexy as hell.

  2. Ha ha, don't call a Persian an Arab or you'll really see how evil he is. Akkbar is an impressive looking dude. I hope we get to see a lot of him in action.