Friday, April 27, 2012

Hot Tag Team : Vic Capri and Milad Akkbar

One of this blog's regular contributors, Jim from Chicago, emailed me a set of amazing photos he took on March 31 featuring a three-way elimination tag team match with these two beefcakes: Vic Capri and Milad Akkbar. Jim says Capri and Akkbar's opponents were the teams of PG-13 (Wolfie D. and Jamie Dundee) and Psychotic Rage. "Unfortunately, muscleboys Capri and Akkbar were the first team to get tossed over the top rope and thus eliminated." Thanks, Jim, for these fantastic photos! (Jim also sent me a set of photos of Milad Akkbar in singles competition. Watch out for that very soon!)
Jim gets really close to the action.

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Double Damn!


  1. Damn! Capri and Akkbar...DAMN! The ass in pictures 3 and especially 4! (On a totally unrelated note, when I was a very small child I dreamed that the tiny town I lived in at the time was invaded by hostile aliens who took over, and they all looked like Admiral Akbar, the fishy looking alien from Star Wars. Akkbar's name made me remember that all of a sudden.)

  2. Looking at that arse in pic 1 & 3, Akkbar is one lucky guy in pic 2!

  3. Both these guys have nice fat buns and great bods. Jim always takes great pictures of the wrestling hunks. Thanks to him.

  4. Caption for pic #3: "Damn, I love my job!"

    Been a Capri maniac for years (and so glad he came out of retirement!), but Akbar is a terrific new find to me! Yum!

    1. I so agree! Love to see more of him!

  5. WOW! These are the two hottest non-WWE wrestlers alive. Capri is 20.5 years older than Akbar. Nice Dad/Son combo ;-)