Sunday, April 1, 2012

March Madness

Who rocked Beefcakes' world in March 2010, the year I started this blog? These guys! (I'm reposting some of the images from that time here. To see the complete posts, click on the March 2010 label on the right side of this page.)
A pre-WWE Justin Gabriel. He was called PJ Black back then.

Indie wrestler Jaxon Dane

Alex Koslov (inexplicably tied up)

Former WWE star Mark Jindrak (now Marco Corleone in Mexico)

Indie wrestler Dean Jablonski

A pre-WWE Mason Ryan. He was known as Barri Griffiths back then.

Anthony Bravado

Unidentified French wrestler

Curtis Thompson

On a different note, as of today, Beefcakes of Wrestling has gotten over 2 million all-time views. Thanks to all of you who visit and check out this blog regularly!

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  1. Congratulations! By the way, thanks for the reminder... Dane and Jablonski are the only two pictured that I haven't looked up... yet!