Monday, April 30, 2012

Gonna Make You Sweat

One of this blog's regular contributors, David, emailed me these pics he took of FCW/WWE's Derrick Bateman working up a sweat.  

David calls Bateman the "sweatiest wrestler," but then when I think of sweaty wrestlers, the first name that comes to mind is Davey Richards. Hmmm, perhaps Bateman and Richards need to battle it out in the ring for the title of World's Sweatiest Wrestler. 


  1. Ah, hot muscle... the only thing I can think of that looks better with sweat. And while I usually groan at animal prints, Bateman's sexy trunks more than make up for that hair, lol.

  2. Both these guys look great with all that sweat pouring off their hot muscles. As for me, I always appreciated a hot sweaty pro-wrestler. Guys like Hulk Hogan, Rick Rude, Batista, and Lex Lugar come to mind. Loved to see their muscle bods glistening with sweat.

  3. Who is the guy Bateman is wrestling in pic 3 and 4?
    Looks like he could be quite cute and bulky.

  4. Hi Dr. Fever. To answer your question, I'm not certain but I think it's Nick Rogers (FCW). If you want to check Nick Rogers out, click on his name on the "labels" column on the right side of this page.

  5. Cheers.
    Facially he does have the cute look of Nick Rogers, but in these photos the lad looks quite stocky - or stockier than the photos of Nick I have seen. Hmmm??
    I will google Bateman vs Nick Rogers, see what I can find...