Thursday, April 26, 2012

Flex Addict

A few days ago, I posted some photos of big beefcake heel Tony Delfonzo in a match against an equally impressive guy named Flex Armstrong. I vowed then that I would do a separate post for the muscular fan fave. Here's what I found out about Flex : he's a bodybuilder (obviously), boxer, and mixed martial arts fighter (read more about that here). He was Big Time Wrestling's Rookie of the Year as well as its Television Champion. See Flex in action here, here (part 1 of a six man tag team match) and here (part 2). More Flex next week!

Flex in 2011

Flex in 2012


  1. Just what I need... another addiction! WOW!

  2. I thought he was going to be 'Flex' from eyeofthecyclone (hot young muscle lad from gay superhero and wrestling site)
    Im not disapointed though, this guy is one true beefcake of wrestling!

  3. More of Flex please! I could get used to this addiction. What a body!