Thursday, April 5, 2012

Steven Walters : No More Mr. Nice Guy

Fans of indie wrestler Steven Walters know him as the clean-cut All-American boy-next-door good guy. But after being bloodied and humiliated by his opponent in his most recent match, Walters is fed up with being Mr. Nice Guy and is now turning heel. The Chicago Pro Wrestling Board reports that Walters was defeated by The Almighty Sheik on March 23 at a Resistance Pro Wrestling show and that "after suffering yet another loss, (he) denounced the USA and joined forces with The Sheik and his manager Ronald Piven." Here are photos from that match which were taken by Beefcakes of Wrestling's talented and tireless  contributor Jim from Chicago. Jim photographed the action from a second floor balcony directly above the ring. Thanks for the awesome photos, Jim! (Warning: Some of the images may be too graphic or intense for sensitive viewers.)

The Sheik busts open Walters with his spike.

After losing the match, Walters lays out The Sheik's carpet...

...then gets on his knees and kisses the heel's boot.

More humiliation! Walters has to carry out The Sheik's ring gear.


  1. Okay, is this on video anywhere? Or are there pics of the actual boot kiss? Because there is no amount of money I wouldn't pay to actually see that. Damn Chicago wrestling fans are lucky men.

    Love Steven Walters even more now.

  2. Holy shit! Is it just me, or is wrestling getting REALLY hot lately?? That last picture, Steven Walters looks so huge and SO sad. This is the first time I've heard of him (I think) but I love what I see!

  3. Wow, my bad. Not only have you (AND Joe) featured Steven Walters already, I've commented on him before! But my flightiness aside, he really IS attention-grabbing.

  4. I can't even put words to how hot this is! and a boot kiss? *drool*

  5. Steven has turned heel and a good one. You tube his matches and you will see a different side of the old Mr. Nice Guy. The video of him and The Shiek in on you tube. Catch the new Steve, you won't be disappointed.