Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Rebound for Glory

Over a week ago, regular contributor Jim from Chicago emailed me a set of amazing photos he took of a high-flying wrestler I had not featured on this blog before. I was about to post the photos when my friend Joe, author of Ringside At Skull Island, posted a write-up on him (there must be something in the air that we're both breathing). That wrestler's name is Ricochet and if you haven't read Joe's essay yet, you can do so by clicking here. As always, Joe comes up the best lines -- "the man is a living, breathing cum shot." How much more descriptive can you get after that? Jim from Chicago said that Ricochet filled in for Teddy Hart who couldn't make it to Resistance Pro's show on Feb. 17 in  Chicago. Teddy, Matt Cross and Mr. 450 had a 3-way dance scheduled that evening.  Ricochet is one high flier much like PAC.  Matt Cross ended up the winner. I spoke to Ricochet after the match and he told me he was soon to be on his way to Japan for some ring action." Thanks to Joe for the great write-up and to Jim from Chicago for these excellent pics.

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  1. Great shots! Thanks for publishing them, Bruno.