Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Kenny, Kota, And The Kiss

Yes, that's Kenny Omega and Kota Inabushi (see previous post) locking lips in a wrestling match during a New Year's Eve special between DDT (Dramatic Dream Team), K-Dojo, and BJW. Over-the-top wrestler Danshoku Dino was responsible for making this happen (watch a clip of the match here.)
After winning the match, Danshoku Dino tries to get the two fan favorites to kiss again. Kota smiles sheepishly as Kenny leans in and plants a tender one on his tag team partner's mouth. Awww, sweet.

Kenny and Kota

Kenny Omega, born Tyson Smith in Canada in 1983, has been wrestling professionally since he was 16 years old. Kenny has wrestled for several companies including ROH, WWE, APW and Pro Wrestling Guerrila. In 2008, Kenny toured Japan and wrestled in singles as well as tag team matches with Japanese star Kota Ibushi (more on Kota below). Here are a variety of shots of Kenny throughout his career.

Charismatic 28 year old Kota Ibushi has wrestled not just in Japan, but in the US as well (ROH and more recently, Chikara and EVOLVE). Although he and Kenny Omega have wrestled as a tag team, they've also wrestled each other in singles competition (see Kenny Omega vs. Kota Ibushi...hot guys, awesome action!). 

Here, Kenny and Kota hug it out after a match.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Mystery Beefcake Identified!

UPDATE: Al from Minnesota and Dan have identified the wrestler in the photos below. He's none other than Derek Sanders, a member of the tag team Border Patrol (with "Old School" Oliver John). Funny, but I didn't recognize him even though I've featured him on this blog before. I think it's the pants; I'm used to seeing him in just speedos. Thanks, guys! (This was my original caption : Here's another mystery mat man. He wasn't identified in this batch of photos taken at an NWA TV event held last November 2009. Can anyone identify this hot heel? Leave a comment or email me.)

The Many Faces Of Petey Williams

Petey Williams is a man of a hundred faces. He's wrestled for so many companies, big and small (TNA, Elite Wrestling Revolution, ROH, NWA, Storm Championship Wrestling, to name a few), and taken on so many gimmicks and personas that it's hard to believe he's only 29. Here's a rundown of some of his looks through the years.

Tommy and Timmy Titus

Brother tag teams have been around since...well, since the 1960s when The Graham Brothers wreaked havoc in the square circle (perhaps there were other earlier brother tag teams, but The Grahams are the oldest ones I know). Add The Tituses, Tommy and younger brother Timmy, to the list that includes The Von Erichs, The Briscoes, The Hart Brothers, The Armstrong Brothers, and many others.  In pro wrestling,  there's nothing better  than having a brother in your corner. 

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Two Gladiators

Before Mason Ryan (aka Barri Griffiths) and Brutus Magnus (aka Nick Aldis) respectively joined FCW and TNA, they were professional wrestlers as well as TV stars on the UK game show "Gladiators."  Ryan/Griffiths was Gladiator Goliath and Magnus/Aldis was Gladiator Oblivion. Here are the two Gladiators competing in a 2009 tag team match in their native UK. (All photos by Tony Knox)