Thursday, August 19, 2010

CWF Action This Saturday

Do you live in the North Carolina area? If so, why not catch CWF's Weaver Cup Finals this Saturday, Aug. 21? The main event features four CFW wrestlers -- Steve Greene (that's him in the 2nd and 3rd photo below), Lee Valiant, Xsiris, and Ric Converse. There's also a scheduled tag team match featuring Jaxon Dane (looking a little chunky in the last picture below) and his partner Marcellus King vs. Fatback Enterprises. For more details click here. Support indy pro wrestling!

1 comment:

  1. I've just got to get the opportunity, the time, and the money all together at the same time, Bruno. CWF is on my to-do list for 2010. Xsiris has been a favorite of mine for years. Valiant, Greene, and Converse are hot. This is a show to see, but looks like I'm out of the running on this one. Maaan.