Friday, August 6, 2010

Casting Kevin Von Erich

Over at my favorite wrestling blog Ringside At Skull Island is a post on 1980s beefcake Al Perez called Latin Hearthrob. Skull Island blogger Joe writes that Perez often wrestled the Von Erichs during their heyday and that if a movie about Perez were to be made, Tyler Black should portray him because of his close resemblance to the long-haired hunk. "But who would play Kevin Von Erich?" asks Joe. Well, I have a suggestion, although unlike Tyler Black, my candidate is not a professional wrestler. He's 23 year old British actor Jamie Bell (yes, "Billy Elliott" himself). It was the close-up of Kevin you see below that made me think of Jamie. Yes, Jamie doesn't have the incredible physique Kevin had, but he's already bulked up for his role in a period action drama that's going to be released next year (see the accompanying still after Jamie's close up). Hey, if Mickey Rourke could do it, so could Jamie. Plus, he's a dancer; he already has the footwork down. Anyway, it's just an idea. I couldn't think of any pro wrestler who looks like Kevin Von Erich...can you? Leave a comment if there's someone you think could play him.


  1. Now all we need is a screenplay to pitch, Bruno! Inspired choice--though Jamie's about 7 inches too short ... but, hell, we're talking Hollywood here, and Philip Seymour Hoffman was 7 inches too tall to play Truman Capote and he won a friggin Oscar!

  2. Oh, I forgot to factor in his height. There has to be an unknown professional wrestler out there who can stand in for the one and only Kevin Von Erich. Hmmm, shall we start a search? My casting couch is ready.