Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Millennial Week : Tracer X

Here's someone who's new to Beefcakes of Wrestling, Tracer X. This young man has been TCW Lightweight Champion, a Rhymer Cup winner, SWA Tag Team Champion, and CWA Cruiserweight Champion at some point in his career. He was also 2013's Indy Hotseat Lightweight of the Year. To see more of him, subscribe to his YouTube Channel here. You can also follow him on Twitter.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Millennial Week : Tuesdays With Tyler

Here's 19 year old British wrestler Tyler Bate. I find it unusual that a millennial like Tyler has an old-timey look in the ring (the moustache, the basic black trunks and short boots, no protective pads). You would think a teenager would be more attracted to bright colors and a cool hairstyle. Here's an article about him that came out a few months ago : Taking The Bate : Tyler Bate Heads Britain's Wrestling Boom. You can watch go up against Jack Gallagher in this match which was posted to YouTube last week. If you'd like to see Tyler as a 16 year old wrestler, click here.

An older photo of Tyler Bate

Monday, August 29, 2016

Millennial Week : Muscle Monday - Austin Theory

I'm going to try something different this week. I've been featuring a few millennial wrestlers in this blog and seeing as these are the men who have the potential to be tomorrow's superstars of wrestling, I thought why not devote a whole week to them? Millennials are defined by authors Neil Howe and William Strauss in their 1991 book "The History of America's Future : 1584-2069" as individuals born between 1982 and 2004. You can read more about them here. Kicking off Millennial Week is former teen bodybuilder Austin Theory. Watch him in action in this match posted two weeks ago by clicking here.

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Beefcakes In Action

Kenny Omega vs Kota Ibushi

Cinema Stevie Shields (right)

Chris Ridgeway vs Chris Tyler

Leon Van Gasteren

Ricky McKenzie vs Bubblegum

Rocky Menero vs Eliot Sexton 

Mick Moretti

Charlie Garrett vs Justin Sysum (?)

Rampage Brown

Nathan Cruz (foreground)

Friday, August 26, 2016

Tyler Who?

Thanks to blog reader David M. for sharing these photos of British wrestler Chris Tyler culled from various sites online. I've only featured Tyler once; he was one of several wrestlers in a recent Body Shots : In The Ring feature and I'm wondering how this guy escaped my attention all these years. Tyler has been wrestling for various promotions in the UK since his debut in 2011. I tried doing research on  his statistics, but couldn't find anything. I'm not sure exactly how old he is, but based on an interview he gave The British Wrestling Revival Blog back in 2013, Tyler says he wanted to be a wrestler when he "was 10 years old (yes, that was in 2006)" which would make him 20 years old today (that means he started wrestling professionally at age 15!).  You can watch him in action here and here. By the way, if you're wondering about the title of this post, it's a reference to another young British wrestler, Tyler Bate. You see, I was originally going to do a post on 19 year old Bate, but then I saw the pics of this Tyler and decided to go with him instead. Not that he's better or anything, but it's always fun to showcase a new face here on BCoW. I would love to see the millennial Tylers go up against each other some day; wouldn't you?

Watch out for more pics of Chris Tyler on this blog next week.