Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Millennial Week : Tracer X

Here's someone who's new to Beefcakes of Wrestling, Tracer X. This young man has been TCW Lightweight Champion, a Rhymer Cup winner, SWA Tag Team Champion, and CWA Cruiserweight Champion at some point in his career. He was also 2013's Indy Hotseat Lightweight of the Year. To see more of him, subscribe to his YouTube Channel here. You can also follow him on Twitter.


  1. This one "grew" on me. Interestingly the pic that got me going was the one with his shirt on zoomed in his confident face with arm up in victory and package tent peaking prominently. The blue tiny "X" trunks put me over especially as he lay helpless in the corner, used and abused.

    1. Same here, Eli!

    2. He sort of teeters on the edge for me. Some of the pics (and matches) are wonderful, but in others I keep thinking he is a little on the thin side. If he keeps himself up that will come with age. Anon.

    3. 'Nother one who reminds me of ZSJ--somehow lacking in interest. TT

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    5. I wouldn't say he's thin. I'd say he has loads of fresh, lean muscle, which I love, especially when it's being pounded, chopped, kicked and contorted in the ring. And I'll bet Tracer is a mighty young man in the weight room.