Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Millennial Week : Tuesdays With Tyler

Here's 19 year old British wrestler Tyler Bate. I find it unusual that a millennial like Tyler has an old-timey look in the ring (the moustache, the basic black trunks and short boots, no protective pads). You would think a teenager would be more attracted to bright colors and a cool hairstyle. Here's an article about him that came out a few months ago : Taking The Bate : Tyler Bate Heads Britain's Wrestling Boom. You can watch go up against Jack Gallagher in this match which was posted to YouTube last week. If you'd like to see Tyler as a 16 year old wrestler, click here.

An older photo of Tyler Bate


  1. One could wish for Bate to wear trunks which would display a greater area of skin than he does--they look peculiar from the rear, and I have trouble locating the in crotch views. I admit that his public persona and his gear are mutually consistent and distinctive. I just don't care at all for the effect. Or the affect, as the case may be. I feel likewise for the perennial UK boy wrestler, Zack Sabre Jr, though they may be at opposite poles in the spectrum. To me Zack looks and acts the same today as he did umpteen years ago, and I am suspicious that this may be so for Bate. And the mustache--quil reste avec M. Poirot, je crois. Adieu, TT

  2. Tyler Bate just does it for me. Big time.

  3. Tyler Bate needs to get worked over ... hard