Thursday, August 25, 2016

Body Shots : In The Ring

Bo Nekoda

Channing Decker

David Starr

Houston Carson

Jason Jordan 

Jesse Vane

Joe Coleman

Johnny Moran

Kota Ibushi

Pete Bouncer

Travis Gordon


  1. Yum, lots of hot wrestlers.

    Nekoda radiates so much sex. A friend created some hot pics for me of him awhile ago:

    Lovin Johnny Moran's legs. He's replaced Mint Mike Mitchell as the hotter of the two partners now partly because of this.

    That "HHH" pic of Houston Carson got me going. Nice pecs, abs, arms, thighs ... but alas, hot faceless pics tend to disappoint once the face is revealed.

    Gonna have to find some Joe Coleman vids.

    David Starr ... I'd still do him, but surprisingly, the more ripped he becomes, the less I'm into him. That extra chub was sexier. I guess some others fall into that category too like Milad Akbar.

    1. Eli, I was struck in the groin by Houston Carson's arms. It will never happen, but I can fantasize an opponent's reducing those tri- and biceps to the consistency of fig preserves by concentrating on and disabling his magnificent upper arms. Never get a pin that way, but it is conceivable that Carson could be weakened to the point that he would have to submit because of the pain. TT

    2. Eli, I followed the links you posted, but is that supposed to be Bo Nekoda? The bearded fellow seems to have a tattoo on his right arm and prominent abs, neither of which Bo has.
      OTOH, I did come across a show, just uploaded, with several blog stars, including Houston Carson vs TNA Gunner. It also starts with one of my favs (way more than Carson) from the same promotion, Moonshine Mantell vs Daniel Eads(Moonshine, just get rid of those overalls!). Anon

    3. Actually, Bo is the one from behind, so that may've been a bit misleading. Any of the pics look familiar in this post?

    4. OK, thanks, sorry to doubt, and I now recognize the other wrestler too, Chad the Caveman, formerly JC Westler. Anon.

  2. Strictly based on these pics, the most interesting are Pete Bouncer and David Starr. However, if I'd see others in additional pics, there would probably be more.

    1. T de C, I always follow up with at least a cursory search for more on almost anyone Bruno features. In this case, it will take all afternoon.
      TT a/k/a Monsieur Pamplemousse.
      Hope I spelled that right! I am a fan of his.

  3. I usually do, as well. Yes, you got the Frenfh spelling correct. In origin it's a Dutch diminutive, pompelmoes, grapefruit.

    1. To go back even further, it derives from Dutch "pompel", large, and "limoes", lemon.

  4. Channing Decker, Kota Ibushi, Johnny Moran, Jason Jordan, and Jesse Vane are my favorite of the bunch.

  5. Hey Jason, dump Chad, you'd do better on your own, turn heel on him ASAP.