Monday, August 1, 2016

Muscle Monday : The Big O

Let's all wish The Big O a speedy recovery so he can return to wrestling soon. The East Coast-based muscleman tweeted a few days ago that he was unable to compete in a New York Wrestling Connection event due to an injury and complications from surgery. Good luck, Big O!

The Big O posted  this selfie two days ago.
You can see the stitches on his shoulder. 


  1. What a sexpot of a man. Hot body, handsome face (check out that adorable last face pic). Wish I could help nurse him to recovery.

  2. Yes, when he (and a lot of other wrestlers) is not making weird faces and sticking out his tongue, he is.
    Haven't seem much of Adam Ohriner in videoland in the last few years since his TNA tryout.
    Oddly, there is another "Big O" in wrestling who is not worth a look. Anon.

  3. Agreed on making Halloween faces. I wonder if there aren't hundreds of "Big Os" in wrestling, but normally even the big ones are successfully covered by even the skimpiest trunks.

    1. You might think there would be more. But, to clarify, I meant that when one searches for match videos on Youtube, using "Big O," one only finds this other wrestler, not Adam.

  4. I found this other "Big O" wrestler the other day and had wtf moment. The crowd chants similarly too. But he is no Adam Ohriner for sure, who will always be my big O lol.