Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Body Shots : The Belt

Mike Verna (with 4 title belts!)

Bram (formerly known as Brandon T) 

Chris Tyler

Kevin Kross


Alex Chamberlain

Aaron Sharp

Katsuyori Shibata

Robbie Dynamite

Sean Kustom


  1. Yum, Mike Verna always radiates sexuality even though he doesn't have your typical six-pack bod. I wonder what's going on with him. Haven't seen any new matches online of him of late.

    I wonder when that photo of the Japanese wrestler was taken.

    1. He's been around, just hard to find because he appears on show vids unstead of individual match vids. Anon.
      Here from July:

  2. What, in general, is the origin of belts as wrestling "prizes"? I have wondered that since I was a child & have never thought to ask. I assume they are fashioned like lifting belts, but I may be wrong. Anyway, I think Mike Verna is better looking with those 4 belts somewhere out of sight. I think any wrestler is better looking showing as much skin (and trunks) as is possible rather than obscuring his natural beauty by a belt or belts, no matter how tasteful it may be.

    1. Of course, boxing has had belts going back at least to the 18th century, I think.
      In Alex Chamberlain's case, the belt covers up the love handles he's developed. It makes him (and the aging "stars" look a lot more believable and formidable, although no belt could cover up the flab of Dusty Rhodes. Anon.

    2. Correction, the first recorded boxing championship belt was presented by King George III in 1810.

    3. Oops, forgot to sign it. Anon.