Saturday, August 6, 2016

Beefcakes In Action (UK Edition)

Rampage Brown vs Nathan Cruz

Rampage Brown

Charlie Garrett (right)

Danny Duggan (left)

Jack Gallagher

Jackie Polo (left)

Mark Coffey (left)

Justin Sysum

Ricky J. Mckenzie


  1. gotta include Sha Samuels in the mix here…beefy bearded heel!!!!

  2. Rampage Brown looks like he's losing weight and beefing up some. Reminds me of Chris Dickinson a bit at least from the backside. Anyone have recommendations of hot videos where Rampage is beating up a helpless hot muscle stud?

  3. The guy that most intrigues me is Mckenzie. Especially since Images of him in his younger days show how much he'd grown in muscle.

  4. In foto #2, where are the rest of the fingers of Rampage's right hand?