Friday, August 5, 2016

No Guts, No Glory

Six pack. Washboard. Cheese grater. Just a few of the euphemisms have for well-defined abdominal muscles.  These days, its not enough to have a flat, firm belly. No, you've got to make those muscles pop. Here are three wrestlers with abs that go on for days.
Australia's Michael Spencer

Germany's Axel Dieter, Jr.

USA's "Fast" Eddie Smooth

And speaking of Eddie Smooth, here he is in a match against Bo Nekoda. (MCW Pro Wrestling, MCW Autumn Armageddon, Photos by Zalaphoto)

Smooth defeated Nekoda in this bout.


  1. Well, my Michael Spencer crush has finally subsided to manageable levels. He's still pretty hot.

    Eddie Smooth is hot with the glasses, cute without. I daresay (do I dare) his pics with Bo got me stirring more than Michael Spencer. I'm shocked

  2. Smooth also did a match with Tony Nese a couple of years back, and it was while Tony was still sporting a boy-next-door look. Anon.

  3. Thanks for the URL for Nese v Smooth--it is well wrestled and 90% of the camera work is immediate and well done.