Friday, August 12, 2016

Body Shots : Making An Entrance

Luther Ward

Eddie Ryan

Charlie Garrett

Eddie Smooth

Texano Jr.

Sean Brennan

Riddick Moss

El Ligero & Nathan Cruz

Mark Coffey

Brutus Magnus (aka Nick Aldis)


  1. The Big Hangovers trunks on Sean Brennan is cute. Nice bod.

    Eddie Ryan has a nice getup with that half harness cape. May have to start watching him soon.

    Eddie Smooth looks good. Oh thanks for sharing that Nese vs Smooth video Anon. Very hot on both sides.

    Oh Magnus ... well, I guess I'd still do you

  2. Question? I know El Ligero = Simon Musk. but I wonder if, from time to time, other wrestlers have masqueraded as El Ligero. Any one know? The very name, El Ligero, is a bit odd for a wrestler, in that it means "the light one," or "the lightweight," and he is only 5'7" which may be the reason he extends his height with horns. "Dos Cuernos" might be a better name. TT

  3. Hope this is not going to be Charlie Garrett's new look. He's a handsome man with a great body, who looks great in trunks. So why the orange tights and bandanna?