Monday, August 8, 2016

Muscle Monday : Darren Young

When did WWE's Darren Young get so huge? He's always had a great physique, but now...well, see for yourself.

Those clothes can't hide your muscles, Darren.

Those biceps! (with life coach Bob Backlund) 


  1. He seems like he's matured too with that stylish beard. Not a doe-eyed boy anymore!

  2. Not quite on topic, or maybe always on topic, since it has to do with this blog's main posterboy, Nick Dinsmore.
    In the last 24 hours, someone has uploaded a whole bunch of matches from ca. late 1990s-2000, adding to a large collection there already. The "new" ones include (all pre-TNA -WWE, before they were "neutered") matches with Dinsmore, Rob Conway, Mark Jindrak, Kurt Angle, Reno, Mike Sanders, Johnny (Hugger) the Bull, Val Venis, and one of my hard-to-find favorites, Race Steele. (There is also a lot of Steve Bradley, although he is quite borderline at that point, IMO, depending on his attire and hair.) So have a look at this channel. Anon.

  3. Darren looks so fine!

    I was curious so I looked up vids for Race Steele. Two 6-man tags were posted August 7.

    1. There were a couple more than that, a normal tag:

      Later he did some WWE apperances, dark matches:
      and jobbing:

      He then went on to legitimate MMA under his real name, Craig Zellner: