Saturday, December 31, 2016

New Year's Buffet

Happy New Year, everyone!
Iestyn Rees
Royce Isaacs
Robert Roode

Drew Gulak, Anthony Nese, Arya Daivari

T.J. Perkins

Mint Mike Mitchell

Ryan McQueen

Mike D. Vecchio

Ricky McKenzie

Tristan Archer
Anthony Bowen

The Big O

Maxwell Jacob Feinstein

Go Shiozaki

Flex Jordan

Marco Corleone aka Mark Jindrak

Travis Gordon

Ty Dillinger (aka Shawn Spears)

Friday, December 30, 2016

Make Haste

Watch a pre-NXT Shane Haste go up against one of my favorite Japanese wrestlers, Daisuke Sekimoto, in this NOAH match posted to YouTube on June 2016. Link is here.

The Ref

Australia doesn't just have prime wrestling beef, they've also got referees with some serious beefcake potential.  Here's one who looks like he ought to lose his oversized referee's uniform and join the wrestlers in the ring.


Thursday, December 29, 2016

Solid Gold

Of all the different types of ring gear Royce Isaacs wears to his matches, I'd have to say his gold trunks are my favorite; they complement his flashy in-ring persona and nicely highlight his blonde hair. Here are some pics of Isaacs in his different looks past and present.

With tag team partner Sam Udell (formerly known as NXT's Travis Tyler)

This is what Isaacs currently wears to his singles matches.

Dynamic Duo

Here's the tag team of The Executioners: Finn Balor (formerly known as Prince Devitt) and Hideo Itami (formerly known as Kenta Kobayashi). Formerly opponents on NXT, the two have since partnered to become one of the best technical tag teams in the WWE.

I haven't featured Itami/Kobayashi much on BoW, so here are some solo and action shots* of the 35 year old Japanese wrestling superstar. (*Three shots are of Itami vs Balor in their pre-tag team days.)