Saturday, December 31, 2016

New Year's Buffet

Happy New Year, everyone!
Iestyn Rees
Royce Isaacs
Robert Roode

Drew Gulak, Anthony Nese, Arya Daivari

T.J. Perkins

Mint Mike Mitchell

Ryan McQueen

Mike D. Vecchio

Ricky McKenzie

Tristan Archer
Anthony Bowen

The Big O

Maxwell Jacob Feinstein

Go Shiozaki

Flex Jordan

Marco Corleone aka Mark Jindrak

Travis Gordon

Ty Dillinger (aka Shawn Spears)


  1. YUM ! Every one of these most magnificent men are indeed, MAGNIFICENT ! But will say, The Big O, Robert Roode and Shawn Spears can make one's heart skip a beat, at any hour of the day !!
    What a way to start the New Year !!

  2. Been a long while since we've seen Big O. I hope that we see more of him!

  3. TJ Perkins yeeeee! <3 2017 is tjp year. Special awards to Roode, Dillinger, and Gordon

  4. Big O's last appearance here was exactly five months ago. His most recent match was 11/26/2016.

    His overall win record is 70%, but last year it was 75%! A lot of those were tag matches. Of the 96 wrestlers he's faced, he's won 100% of those matches (a lot of one time onlies), against about 40 of them.

    So, I hope he appears more often soon.

  5. Never noticed how much Mike Mitchell looks like Paul Newman... but JACKED.

  6. Marco Corleone / Mark Jindrak has my vote for the dessert as well as the meat course. (Or is it soup to "nuts"?) Thanks, Bruno. HNY to all. Anyone know whence the screen shot of MC/MJ?

    1. Hmmm....that's an interesting question. It so happens that I have that Image in his Album in my Photo Librsry. I think I a Saved it from his FB page.

      I did a conventional The Mage a Search under both names with no results.

      For a project I was working on I had Reverse a Google Image Search on my bar. Before those results came back quickly. But this time I let it try for 20 minutes before I gave up. I think that the implication is that there are just too many similar Images to get a timely reply.

      Look at his FB, either name. It's the best I can advise.

    2. Yep, I put it in the Album 2/10/2014. bruno used it on 3/9/2014. It's possible that I mailed it to him. So I'm pretty sure it's from his FB.

    3. I DID send such an e-mail on 2/10/2014. So this Image came from FB via me!

  7. Thanks, you are the very essence de chocolat!!!TT

    1. Gracias!

      I found the shot at this FB page (there are several in his name. It was posted 8/12/2009.

      He does TV work for a FOX outlet in Mexico City for a program that translates in American English as Soccer for Everyone. Apparently, he was there to cover a Mexico vs. USA game with his woman and a fellow wrestler called Lucha Libre Wallpapers (!). He even has a FB page using that gimmick.

      Well, I guessed I answered that question and you now more than you ever wanted to know! 馃槼馃槯馃槵馃槤

    2. Whoops! Forgot to give you the name of the FB page: Marco Corleone Mark Jindrak

    3. It's a 24/7 streaming network. Corporate headquarters are in Argentina, so it's not a local station at all. But another of his FB pages does say he's employed in TV as well as being a wrestler.

      Fox Sports en vivo, es un canal de televisi贸n por cable de latinoam茅rica especializado en deportes que transmite las 24 horas del d铆a en la zona continental.

      Comenz贸 en 1995 como un bloque deportivo en el canal Fox Broadcasting Company de Latinoam茅rica donde ofrec铆a los mejores partidos de la NFL, dur贸 hasta 1996 cuando Fox Latin American Channels compr贸 el canal deportivo Prime Deportiva para cambiar de nombre a Fox Sports Am茅ricas y luego a Fox Sports.

    4. LL Wallpapers is NOT a gimmick. It produces wallpaper, but the info days, in English, works in pro wrestling. Which might simply mean that the product is LL-related or that the person behind the company IS a luchador.

      Since the rest of the profile refers to personal stuff, not corporate, you can understand why I lean to the second option and why I thought that someone was using a very freaky gimmick. There are some really odd ones!

    5. Game synopsis:


      I'd have loved to hear what he said about it!

  8. Nice that you featured a gay wrestler. Anthony Bowens was just used as "enhancement talent" on NXT:
    Here's a 10x longer vid of him in a recent match against Tony Nese:
    Enjoy! Anon.

    1. Anthony Bowen is gay? I did not know that.

    2. Just to be snarky, I don't know about Bowen, but Bowens is. :-) Anon.
      I guess it was a serendipitous inclusion. Bowens's boyfriend posted a video on his Youtube page a few months back, hard think it was meant to be secret:

  9. What a great buffet! I thought Lestyn Rees was Alex Chamberlain - they look so alike. That pic. of Ty Dillenger! WOW! Does he model as well? Thanks for these great pic. 2017 is off to a great start.

    1. Just an FYI - it's "Iestyn Rees", not "Lestyn". With a letter "I". Pronounced "Eeyestin" :-)