Saturday, December 10, 2016

Cam And Get Me

It's been a while since I gave Cam Zagami a whole feature. Here's a bunch of pictures featuring the rosy-cheeked independent American wrestler. The match pics are from a bout between Cam and his partner Tyler Nitro vs the tag team of Da Hoodz.


  1. There are A LOT of Cam Zagami matches on Youtube, a treasure trove for the Zagam-o-phile. Here's one that's hard to find, because the person who posted it misspelled his name, I found it a while back when searching for CJ Mirra (or Mirror), his opponent, who I follow. Anon.:

    1. Thanks for that Zagami-Mirra link. They were way off in their timing more than a few times, but it was well worth the watching anyhow. I's love to see Bruno's feature on Mirra. TT

    2. Further confusion
      Zagami gets spelled Zagimi
      Mirra gets spelled Mirror.
      I am not sure in the latter case which is correct.
      Good luck to Bruno excavating for C J M--guess you'll have to do multiple searches.

  2. In #1 Cam's trunks would benefit by being cut off above and including the white stripe. Otherwise he doesn't look vulnerable. In general, your descriptive "rosy cheeked" points to an asset not yet fully taken advantage of. I would like to see more of Tyler Nitro--more, in both senese. TT

  3. From what I can see, real name CJ Mirra, Mirror is a gimmick.

    Also found 109 Image album of Zagami vs. Mirra:

  4. Sorry to mislead folks, yes, Mirror is the gimmick (as you can see from the smashed mirror on his tush), Mirra the real name. I gave both because the searches sometimes give Mirra.
    There was a big gap in the vids since his early days, and I had thought he was retired. But then he reappeared vs Zagami.
    Here's a recent 3-way:
    And a much better quality vid, where he wrestles for ECPW Hudson Valley:
    Watch the 2nd half of the show to catch Mike Iannuzzi, too. Anon.

  5. Love the guy so good looking and such a good wrestler