Thursday, December 8, 2016

Meet Our First Belgian Beefcake

If I'm not mistaken, Mike D. Vecchio is the first Belgian wrestler to be featured here on Beefcakes of Wrestling. I haven't found any stats on this guy, but I do know he often wrestles in France. If Mike reminds you of someone, it's because he patterned his look after his idol,  pro wrestling's most famous Guido*, Robbie E. (aka Rob Eckos). Watch him in action in this threeway match (here's another video of the same match) and in this singles match against Darkmondo. Coming soon: Mike D. Vecchio on this blog's Muscle Monday series. (*What's a Guido? Guidos were popularized by the male cast members of reality show Jersey Shore. They're Italian-American men from New Jersey who wear tight clothes, have slicked back hair, and lots of muscles.)


  1. The law of diminishing returns strikes again! TT

  2. Robbie E called, he wants his gimmick back