Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Body Shots : On The Ropes

Chris Dickinson

Tetsuya Endo

Arya Daivari

Brian Cage


Yacine Osmani

Sexy Peter White

Jake Something

Zack Ryder


  1. If anyone's wondering, the final pic is James Drake, soon to be seen as part of the WWE UK tournament.

  2. TdC: Thanks Anonymous!

  3. Zack Ryder's bulge is one of the top three in all of wrestling. Everything comes together just right between his legs as well as on the rear. His rounded fanny is perfection in the the flesh. If he were marketed not as a luck-less jobber nor as a grown man woo-woo-woo-ing like a child playing train but presented as a well-endowed and gifted athlete with demi-devine loins, a noble victim to brutal forces, he'd not be "used" nearly so badly as he seems now to be. Who else could get away with emerald green trunks and make of them delicious looking lollipops pleading for licking? And, unlike, say, Dolph, Ryder has a mature but sweet face, not ugly or time worn, with a credible balance of maturity and freshness. No twink, he, nor any trace of pretty boy--but handsome,
    yes. More Zack, please, Bruno. TT

  4. tetsuya endo is love. are you familiar with Konosouke Takeshita also from japan. check him out =)

    1. Don't get the reference, but the match is superb and extremely well photographed. Thanks, TT