Thursday, December 29, 2016

Solid Gold

Of all the different types of ring gear Royce Isaacs wears to his matches, I'd have to say his gold trunks are my favorite; they complement his flashy in-ring persona and nicely highlight his blonde hair. Here are some pics of Isaacs in his different looks past and present.

With tag team partner Sam Udell (formerly known as NXT's Travis Tyler)

This is what Isaacs currently wears to his singles matches.


  1. Those gold trunks do take first prize, especially with their bulge poking it's delicate but firm "head" out at the camera. I like the fit & cut, too, and I hope that he follows the advice of this TOQ and trades all the others in for dishrags, especially those hideous long blue tights. TT

  2. Replies
    1. Priceless comment there 'Anon' ...

  3. Yeah gold suits him well. Wish I could pull that off. Not sure all blondes could pull that off.