Friday, December 16, 2016

Beefcakes In Action

Elliot Sexton

Drew Donovan (standing)

Sean Carr (top)

Tyler Nitro (left)

Clutch Adams vs David Starr

Fred Yehi (left)

Joe Coleman

Ricky McKenzie
Tyler Tirva (right)

Clayton Gainz (on the mat)


  1. Yum, Joe Coleman takes hot photos. Wish he were as hot in the ring.

  2. Tyler Tirva's sweet ass is spectacularly succulent - begging to be sucked dry and fucked to a messy pulp!

  3. Mmm love the way think sometimes ManFan. Wonder if there are hot Tirva matches out there.

    Also that last pic is turning me on now. Always love seeing a hot muscle boy choked on the mat