Monday, December 5, 2016

Muscle Monday : Destroyer Dharma

I love when readers of this blog send me email telling me to check out wrestlers I may have never heard of before. The most recent one to do so is fellow blogger Bodyslammer, the creator of wrestling blog Bodyslam Fan. Bodyslammer asked me to look into a new wrestler named Destroyer Dharma whom he featured on his blog last week. Dharma holds the title of Mr. Singapore 2016. He's a four-time bodybuilding champion and has been competing in bodybuilding tournaments since 2005 when he was just 19 years old. He says he made his in-ring debut in professional wrestling last July 15th and is scheduled to appear in another Singaporean event this weekend. Dharma has the distinction of being the second Singaporean pro wrestler to be featured in this blog (the first being Andruew Tang, co-founder of Singapore Pro Wrestling) and hopefully, he'll be joined by other Singaporean wrestlers in the near future. Thanks, Bodyslammer for bringing Destroyer Dharma to our attention.

With Andrew Tang on the mic.

You can see more of Dharma on his Instagram page.


  1. If this is what happened to Dharma, imagine what Greg looks like after all these years!
    After a cursory search I've only found this match, in which he accompanies Andreuw Tang ("the Statement") to the ring, but the SPW Youtube channel does mention Dharma's debut a lot, so I am sure there will be a few vids soon. I thought Trexxus was also worth a gander. Anon.

  2. Wanted to share a good vid I found yesterday, an early 2016 match of Paul Synnot/Ryker who now calls himself Falcon at LDN wrestling. The quality is high, so you can see skin texture and facial expressions, but I wish they would have pulled back a little. Anon.

  3. Hey guys, firstly would like to thank the blogger for featuring me. Really appreciate that you recognised my work, as I'm pretty green as a wrestler. Thank you. Secondly, noticed in the comments that some of your followers have been looking for my match videos. Thus far, I have done 3 matches. 2 official videos are out and I have unofficial video footage of my other match. Shall attach the links below. Thank you everyone for your support. Means alot, and I feel encouraged to do better matches for you guys!!

    - Destroyer Dharma

    Links to my matches:
    My in-ring debut (singles match against Rowdy Ranga)

    11-man Battle Royal for the Sungapore championship (my 3rd match)

    2 on 1 Handicap match against Dr Gore and The Butcher (unofficial video)

    1. Wow man, you are really amazing. Wish I had your body and could do what you do! Thanks for dropping a line.