Thursday, December 15, 2016

Meet Cody Vance

New beefcake alert! Making his first  appearance here on Beefcakes of Wrestling is Cody Vance, an independent American wrestler from New Jersey. He's wrestled for The Monster Factory (where he was trained), Maryland Championship Wrestling, Wrestle Pro, and Fusion Wrestling. Having a thick, muscular build, Vance's wrestling style is "a combination of powerhouse, technical, brawler, and old school." He's only been wrestling for a little over one year so there still isn't much about him online, but I have a good feeling we'll be seeing more of him next year. In the meantime, read more about him in this profile by Indy Wrestling Life Magazine which was published last month.

Vance has been teaming with Nick Comoroto to form
Michigan Muscle. Watch them in action here and here.


  1. There's no stop to great fotos from Bruno. Cody Vance has great potential. All he needs is some gym time to lend better definition to his muscle structure both above and below his pelvis. Already the cut of his trunks and how his "body" fills them are superb. Gracias a Bruno. TT

  2. Two really good matches, too, vs other BofW alumni: Maxwell Jacob Feinstein and Bo Nekoda.
    A bunch of his singles matches are on the Monster Factory Youtube channel, start here:
    and look through the channel.

  3. One of his opponents, from Cagematch, that you've profiled, but I'd like to see more of is Clutch Adams.

    In going through HIS matches, I found an interesting guy, Grizzly Redwood, 5'5", 165#.

    1. Grizzly Redwood has been around for y-e-a-r-s ...

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  5. After this week's Tuesday with Tyler and now this guy ... its been a great week for blondes on BoW! Keep 'em coming Bruno ...

  6. Beautiful photos.

    Be careful complimenting Cody on Instagram or anywhere else or he will block you if you are not a female. He posted a link / photo of his BOw page and saying that this was "funby." Should have known that this wasn't a good sign, but I went ahead anyway and told him that gay people love him. Within minutes, I was blocked. Would be to happy to receive an explanation or that it was all just a mistake, but I really did not post anything leud or graphically sexual or glib or overtly stalkers LOL. Just a nice, sincere compliments on his physical appearance, which from his comment description it sounds like he might enjoy or at least find amusing. Who knows, maybe he also blocked the female Instagram users who were commenting on the fact that yes he was a piece of cake. I would be happy to be proven wrong, but it seems like this dude does not like the idea of guys looking at him that way. Love your website, don't know how do you feel about wrestlers who don't quote unquote Embrace their gay fans. Something to think about.

    PS I'm not hiding behind a message boars, you're happy like to follow me on Instagram my handle is @ihateelevatormusic