Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Alex Riley vs. Percy Watson (NXT)

Pardon me while I have an Alex Riley moment. Big, beefy, jock types have always been a favorite of mine so indulge me for today. Here are some highlights from the Aug. 3 match between Alex Riley and Percy Watson. Afterwards, Riley joined buddy Mike Mizanin after The Miz defeated Michael McGillicutty in his match.


  1. Thank you, Bruno, for the gift of Riley. These past several months I have had to seriously reconsider my prejudice against WWE and FCW. Posts like yours have been part of the rehabilitation process. Still, I'd rather seen these guys up close in a small venue--I've got a place.

  2. You are most welcome, Joe. I, too, have been prejudiced against WWE, but they have some pretty serious beefcake on their NXT franchise and I am but human.