Friday, May 18, 2012

Steven's Spring Fling (Part 2)

Earlier this month, I posted a set of photos of indie wrestler Steven Walters in Wrestleforce Spring Fling: Extreme Warfare show held last April 21. Here's another set of photos from the same show featuring Steven wearing his custom-made ring gear and facing a different opponent.


  1. I seriously cannot get enough of this guy. There's just something about him that sets him above all the other hot wrestling guys for me. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Very hot wrestler. Thanks for posting pics of him. Cute and beefy guy. Reminds me of Matt Striker or AJ Stiles...

  3. Jim has it exactly right, "cute and beefy." Since he's not on TV, thanks SO MUCH for showing us these photos! I love his tongue poking out in the first photo, and I love the sportsmanship shown further down!