Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Kenneth In The Flesh

How many of us can say they've seen FCW wrestler Kenneth Cameron (formerly Brandon T from the UK) in the flesh? I certainly can't. But David, one of Beefcakes of Wrestling's regular contributors, can. And he took photos! David emailed me these images of Kenneth working over hapless babyface Jeremy Jordan at an FCW show he attended. Thanks for the pics, David! (All photos are copyrighted and are the property of David.)


  1. Love those red trunks with "get some" on the ass!

  2. Re: The "Get Some" on the trunks of Brandon's victim Jordan- In the 3rd pic down, Jordan is just about to GET SOME nice Punishment. Brandon's Fist clenched, is about to land to Jordan's skull. My comment to Brandon--YAH, Give him SOME!