Sunday, May 6, 2012

Oil And Trouble

Look at these amazing photos that David, one of our regular contributors, took on Friday night at an FCW show. Last week, David sent us photos of "the sweatiest wrestler," Derrick Bateman; now, here's "the oiliest wrestler," as David likes to call Mason Ryan. It looks like Mason doused an entire bottle of baby oil on his massive upper body. Mason's opponent here is 6 ft. 4. in., 225 pound Dean Ambrose. Thanks, David! (Click on each image to view it in a larger format.)

Check out Mason's glute muscles.

This picture...there are no words for it!


  1. Well I doubt im the only one (..but id certainly fight my way to front of the queue) to give him a hand rubbing that baby oil into that huge chiseled body.

    There was a good documentary on a welsh channel here in UK. I couldnt understand it (cos it was in welsh) but showed him training, shaving his body and going on the sunbed, was a very entertaing programme!

  2. Thank you thank you THANK YOU for these beautiful, clear and recent shots of Mason Ryan! Love the hair. Looks like such a hot match... But why can't EVERYONE see how great Mason is?! Surely he deserves more than losing a match in their developmental territory! I mean televise it at least, he's perfect!! (You see he's taken over and consumed my interests. Randy Fridays at Inner Jobber would belong to Mason if there was more of him out there!)