Saturday, May 19, 2012


It's always the pretty boys who get the worst beatings in pro wrestling. Even in Europe! First, Leon Van Gasteren suffers at the hands of Steve Douglas in an MWA Lubeck show held last year.

Good thing Leon managed to dish out some punishment to his opponent, otherwise it would have been a complete and humiliating squash job.

In the same show, fan fave Michael Knight was attacked not just by his opponent Masterpiece Marsellus, but by other heels as well. Poor Michael!

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  1. LOVE the shot of Knight being bent back, and just about to suffer in the Hairy Heels reverse Headlock. I can only imagine, once his face was burried in the punishers pit, leaving his chest and gut open for abuse, Several nice Forearm shots were delivered. NICE way to make the Hottie Suffer.