Saturday, May 12, 2012

Conway Or The Highway

Back in February of this year, this blog's regular contributor Jim from Chicago attended an Ohio Valley Wrestling show in Louisville, Kentucky. Here's what went down: "Rob Conway pulled up in the OVW parking lot driving one hot vintage muscle car.  I should have taken a shot of him in the driver's seat flexing. Anyway, he took part in a tag team match and his partner was none other than the flamboyant, Paredyse, who is a crowd favorite." 

Jim goes on to say, "I can't remember who their opponents were but they did pull off a victory.  The best part of the match was right after the ref raised their hand. Paredyse jumps on Rob's back and then Rob flexes. The crowd went nuts." Looks like it was a great show. Thanks, Jim!


  1. Oh, how I've missed the Con-man! I would love to see him in OVW action with Rob Terry and Jessie Godderz.

  2. Conway should create a gimmick in his matches, which would ( im sure ) make him a bigger star than he already is. Create a hold where his victim's mouth is nearly upon his bicep, only to flex ( as in the last pic here ) and SHOWBOAT verbaly, so the crowd can hear him..KISS IT BOY, KISS IT !! I know I'd love it, as im sure MANY fans, both men and womamn out there.. would as well. Incredible Biceps !!

  3. Rob is looking great here, very hot