Thursday, October 22, 2015

School of Hard Knox

Longtime contributor and a very good friend of this blog, David, emailed me two sets of photos he recently took of promising NXT muscle stud Hugo Knox. David says he watched Knox wrestle on two separate nights. "On the first night, he was just the muscle jobber." Here are David's pics from that match.

And here are the photos David took of Knox on the next night. In this match, the UK-born former football player (or if you prefer, soccer) won. Thanks for these awesome shots, David!


  1. I'm seein' LOTS of BULGING dots before my eyes
    …and I'm LOVIN' it! :) :p :)

    1. Haha, never looked at it like that, but it does make it a bit hypnotic.

      Love him in the ab stretch with the opponent's hand on his pecs. Hope we get to see more of him getting worked over hard