Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Five Years Ago This Month: Tyler Black and Phil Shatter

Here are two beefcake wrestlers who were featured in this blog back in October 2010. First, Tyler Black whom you may recognize now as WWE Superstar Seth Rollins. Back then, Black/Rollins was an independent wrestler who also appeared in the now-defunct Cyberfights. Here are some of the pics of Black back then.

And here's Tyler aka Seth these days.

Another wrestler who was featured here is Phil Shatter who is perhaps better known by his TNA persona Gunner. Here's Shatter then...

And here's Shatter as TNA's Gunner.


  1. Not the biggest fan of Gunner, but those are some cool pics showing his progression over time. Wasn't a big fan of Black/Rollins either, but I know many were, so it's cool to see he's doing well from his humble beginnings

  2. The 1st & 3rd of Gunnar are from NWA Anarchy in Cornelia,GA.